Sports Massage is not just for athletes. It’s a must for those who have busy and stressful city lives too. Sports massage targets the source of the problem, working on the deep tissues of the body to break down fibrous adhesions and scar tissue, and reduce chronic muscle tension.

All sports massage sessions are tailored to the individual’s needs and I always include advice on posture, lifestyle and remedial exercise to complement the treatments and ensure the benefits are long-lasting.

How could Sports Massage help me?

 ✓ Relieve pain and accelerate healing of injuries

✓ Improve flexibility and reduce muscular aches

✓ Whole-body relaxation and stress reduction

✓ Redress muscular imbalances and improve posture

✓ Enhance recovery and improve performance

✓ Pre- and post-event preparation and recovery

Treatments can be in the comfort of your own home, at my central London Studio- Drakes Gym in Farringdon or in my North London studio- Synergy Studio in Crouch End

Price @ Drakes and Synergy Studio

30 mins – £40

60 mins- £65

90 min – £90

Home visits are priced upon location