In the UK over 10 million working days are lost each year to stress. An effective wellbeing strategy can contribute to reduced stress levels, reduced presenteeism and increased workplace productivity

“A healthy workforce means a healthy business”


✓ Reduce staff sick days

✓ Reward and motivate your team

✓ Enhance mental alertness and productivity

✓ Reduce staff turnover

✓ Attract the best candidates


I offer a range of services to companies to help improve the wellbeing of their employees

✓ Office Massage

✓ 1:1 Health Screenings

✓ Fitness Classes

✓ Workshops

✓ Personal Training

Office Massage

  • All treatments are performed on an ergonomically designed massage chair and focus on back, neck and shoulders with clients fully clothed.
  • These sessions can be targeted at treating specific injuries, easing tensions from ‘computer posture’ or simply relaxing the mind and body.
  • I am fully insured to treat your staff in your office and bring all equipment with me.
  • Sessions can last any length of time, though typically 10-20 minutes per person works well in an office environment.

1:1 Health Screenings

These professional checks cover several major health markers to assess employees’ overall health and fitness levels and provide guidance for optimal wellbeing. All screenings take place on-site, and can be combined with other services as part of a wider health and wellbeing program. Choose from either:

Express Health Screen
  • 15 minutes per person
  • Blood pressure
  • VO2 Max-cardiovascular fitness
  • Body fat %
  • Waist to hip ratio
  • BMI
  • Individual feedback email and advice
Full Health Screen
  • 30 minutes per person
  • Blood pressure
  • Blood glucose levels
  • Blood cholesterol levels
  • BMI
  • Waist to hip ratio
  • Body fat %
  • VO2 Max-cardiovascular fitness
  • Waist and hip ratio
  • Individual feedback email and advice

Fitness Classes

 A variety of classes including:

  • Circuits class
  • High intensity interval training (HIIT) class
  • Boxing class
  • Pilates based core strength class
  • Yoga

Classes can be in the office or at a local park depending upon space


All the workshops are interactive and focus not only on the “why’s” but, more importantly, the “how’s” of implementing a healthier lifestyle in and out of the workplace.  They will provide you with instant solutions to incorporate into your life as soon as you walk out of the room.

  • Fix Your Posture

This workshop focuses on common musculoskeletal issues often experienced in the office environment. By the end of the workshop employees will understand how poor posture develops and will have the tools to help improve their own posture.

  • Mental Wellness Workshop

Run by an industry leading therapist who regularly presents to the British Medical Association (BMA) and Kings College Hospital on anxiety this workshop helps employees to recognise workplace stress and give them the tools to effectively manage stress.

  • “Healthy Eating on the Go”

A nutritional therapist run workshop where we  discuss time-saving hacks to make healthier choices that much easier, from choosing foods from your favourite lunchtime eateries, to the array of supermarket items, there’s a hack for everyone.

  • “Brain Food- Avoid the 3pm Slump”

A nutritional therapist run workshop exploring how smart nutrition can help maintain focus throughout the day

  • “Healthy Office Environment”

Cake in the office again? In this workshop, run by a nutritional therapist, we will discuss how your office environment could be sabotaging your weight loss goals, and develop a plan for a healthier environment for everyone.

  • “Sleep Hygiene”

Sleep is the elixir of wellness. In this workshop run by a nutritional therapist we explore how nutrition and exercise habits contribute to sleep.

  • “Breathing and Mindfulness”

Run by our Yoga instructor this workshop introduces people to the breathing and mindfulness techniques that you can use to develop your own practice, reducing stress and anxiety and instilling a sense of peace and calm into your daily life.


Personal Training

  • 1:1 or small group personal training sessions for your staff.
  • Sessions can be on-site or in the local area.

Mike has been an integral part of the Health & Wellnessweeks we organise for our international students twice a year since 2012. He has helped hundreds of our students relax and de-stress by offering them neck, shoulder and back chair massages. Our students have fed back on Mikes professionalism, great technique, warmth, friendliness and sense of humour and have encouraged us to bring him back over and over again.

Antonio Ramos

Welfare Manager – HULT International Business School